Month: January 2020

Trying Not To Be The “Difficult Friend”

Playing into your insecurities… What you’re about to witness is a perfect example of someone (as in me) playing into her own insecurities. I’m writing for you to know that giving your insecurities time and space in your mind will have you feeling like the rant below. DON’T DO IT. The negative aspects that only […]

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Vision Board Party

Over the past weekend Let’s Get Into It hosted our very 1st annual Vision Board Party!!!    The preparation for it was super easy and cost efficient because your girl is on a BUDGET!!!  This party was a promotional event for the blog, but I wanted to help those closest to me manifest the things […]

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January’s Intention: Accountability

It is finally 2020, the start of a new year and decade! It feels like so many things can happen, and absolutely nothing can happen at the same time. I feel like I’m at this weird “in between” state of being (but then again I always feel like this when the new year rolls in).  […]

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