Let’s be unapologetic this month. #Febuary’sIntention

As I have said before, last month took too damn long to end.  But we are finally in a new month and I’m feeling better already!  It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH, so of course you already know I’m in a good mood.  This month is about celebrating my culture and community without apologizing.  By this I mean that we are celebrating who black people are and how far we’ve come.  The amount of strength and resilience that black people have had to gain over the many years is immeasurable.  Saying that I am proud to be black is an understatement, more like ecstatic, honored, and grateful for the blessings that this beautiful skin has bestowed upon me.  Like the Queen B says, our skin shines like pearls.  This month’s intention is about being 


unwilling to apologize

Please Stop With the Apologies.

I apologize to people for absolutely no reason.  Do you know how stupid this makes me feel after the fact??? I apologize just for apologizing.  There’s no need for it, but I do it so that other people can feel comfortable in my presence.  Why is it that I feel like my presence would make people feel uncomfortable around me, you ask? Because of who I am and what I look like. But I refuse to keep apologizing for who I am. No one goes through the same lengths I do with make sure that I am comfortable around them, so why should I?  

You Are Who You Are

We must stop apologizing for things that don’t deserve an apology.  Can you think of  some examples/situations? Comment them below!  Do not apologize for who you simply are just because others might not understand you. You are, who you are and that’s it, nothing else needs to be said.  Continuously apologizing for who you want to be, ends up dimming your light.  Then you stop believing in yourself, and then you accomplish nothing. STOPPP apologizing!!  If people don’t understand you and always want an explanation, they are not for you.  Move on.  

You Don’t Have To Reflect People’s Image of You.

Being unapologetic is no easy feat, however.  Living in your truth is quite difficult when the people around you don’t want to make room for you.  People will scarf the image that they have of you so far down your throat, you won’t even know who you are anymore.  The representation of who you are should solely be based on your values and no one else’s.  Don’t let people skew the image of you simply because they don’t want to make the space in their minds to see you in a different light.  You don’t have time for people who only see you through rose-colored glasses.

Create An Open Space For Others

This month I want you surround your self with people who see you for who you want to be, not for who they want you to be.  Also, make sure you are making open spaces for others to express themselves freely and without judgement. You can’t be the type of person who wants everyone to accept them for who they are, but are unwilling to help others do the same.  Go out and be unapologetic this month!  Tell what you discovered about yourself!

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