Month: May 2020

My Catastrophe With Labels

Lately, I’ve realized that I let myself be labeled and categorized by others for what feels like my entire life.  Some things that aren’t included in the description of my label is being vulnerable and open with my emotions.  Due to this, it feels like it’s almost impossible to let people in on how I […]

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Who Are You Creating For?

I’ve been using this newly granted free time to explore new forms of artistic expression.  Doing this has shown me that I am more skillful at some creative outlets, compared to others (duh).  Overall, what I’ve learned from this process is that not all of the things that I create are going to be profitable, […]

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May’s Intenion: Progress

I’m going to stop saying that “I can’t believe it’s a new {insert month here}”, because it being a new month is pretty predictable at this point.  The months just go faster or slower than we’d like.  Last months intention, acceptance, might’ve been one the most important intentions to me thus far.  My hope is […]

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