About Let's Get Into It



Your self-care should be your number one priority!  But just incase you can’t fit it in your busy schedule, we’ve created the time and space for you!  This platform will provide you with self-care advice that will actually have a lasting effect on you.  We get real about your self-care over here honey! We want to feed your soul with useful tips and practices that will allow you to nurture yourself from the inside out! 
No more scrolling endlessly looking for the next self-care activity that’s supposed to make you feel something, but doesn’t.  Let’s face it, face masks and bubble baths won’t help you break the generational curses you’re experiencing.  The latest trends you see on social media are not going to be a quick fix to any hardship or struggle that you’e facing.  We get real about your self-care over here honey.  
This is a safe place to explore the different categories of self-care, so that you can find the ones that work for you!  Through caring for yourself, discovering your love language is inevitable.  Use the resources we provide to feed energy into learning that language and speaking it fluently.
There is no designated time or day to practice self-care (although, we love a good #SelfcareSunday).  While we may provide the resources for you, it’s up to you to take action.  Let us help you do that by cutting down time it takes to find out what works and what doesn’t.  Spend that precious time using the self-care advice that we provide so you can get back to chasing dreams and living your best with the right energy.