April’s Intention: Acceptance

Photographer: Joelle.Alexandria
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March felt like 365 days instead of 31 and I’m happy it’s done because the amount of emotions I went through in that 31 day period were enough to last me a year.  Reassurance was a hard thing for me to accomplish in March because I refused to be okay with what was happening around me.  I was definitely one of those people who ignored what was happening with COIV-19 around the world.  I have the flight receipts to prove it.  The question is will I even be able to get on that plan? Probably not.  I didn’t want to believe all of the things people were saying about how bad things were getting until it directly effected me.  Which is predictable but disappointing because things shouldn’t have to effect you directly for you to take it seriously. That being said this months intention is…


This is pretty fitting because a lot of us tend to lack this.  We don’t want to accept or adjust to the times that we’re in and thats’ understandable.  I recently talked about this in my latest podcast episode titled “Adjusting and Adapting Takes Time”.  Adjusting to new environments is hard even if this new environment is our home.  It’s hard because saying in our homes longer than w’ve ever been before can get uncomfortable quickly.  But the first step is ACCEPTANCE.  Ya’ll, we need to start accepting the times that we are in and making the best out of the situation.

This can mean anything you want it to mean.  There is no wrong way to cope with what we’re going through, unless that coping mechanism includes going outside and trying to socially interact with people.  I just want you to accept the times that you are in, and this means accepting how you feel in these times.  There is not wrong or right way to feel.  Don’t feel pressure to do all of the things you never got to do before because now you have the time.  Trust me you don’t have as much time as you think you have.  Don’t get mad at yourself laying around all day when you “could have been doing something productive”.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are doing the best you can for the environment that you’re in, and that environment is home.  So how much motivation could you possibly have?

Not only do we need to accept the mechanisms that we’re using to cope with the times, as I said before we need to accept our emotions.  I know for me this part is a bit more problematic.  I always think that I should be thinking in a different way than I actually am.  Not living up to the expectations of the emotions that I think I should be having is exhausting and just idiotic. I can’t tell myself to feel a certain way, I feel what I feel, and that’s it.  The same goes for you.  Feeling anxious, relieved, sad, melancholy, indifferent?  Those are your emotions.  They are aren’t right or wrong so don’t suppress these feelings, feel them.  Letting yourself feel emotions sometimes feels air is leaving your lungs, but it is more necessary than you know.  This is something that I have learned quite recently.  

So this month we need to buckle down and get in tune with ourselves, because all we have is time.  Take the time to feel whatever you’re feel and let your body and mind go through it, don’t push it away.


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