Let’s Get You Right!

Who Are You Creating For?

I’ve been using this newly granted free time to explore new forms of artistic expression.  Doing this has shown me that I am more skillful at some creative outlets, compared to others (duh).  Overall, what I’ve learned from this process is that not all of the things that I create are going to be profitable, nor should it be.

Breaking the Boundaries

When I didn’t have as much free time as I do now I strictly stuck too writing and dancing.  These were the things that I was most comfortable with and in the past it has been fairly easy to make a profit. Trying to explore other options at the time would only take too much time and attention, and I just didn’t have the patience to delve into this a new artistic journey. Recently however, I’ve been wanting to break out of the boundaries that I’ve set for myself.  So I asked myself, what’s something that I can create that would be useful for my followers, but still make me money at the same time?  Will I enjoy this? Will this be too overwhelming? Can I get a creative job out of this? 

Getting my Creative Juices Following

After asking myself these questions, the process to explore my creativity quickly turned into a business plan for selling new items.  That’s not what I wanted.  Instead, I simply wanted to find different ways to express myself creatively without trying to make it lucrative.  Often times, when we try to make money off something that we’re creating, we forget what drove us to create the first place.  The goal was not to lose sight of why I began this creative process.  In an attempt to keep my focus solely on creating freely, I decided to release all expectations and pressure.

Doing this allowed me to be free in my creative thinking and expression.  I was able to create what I wanted to create without any judgements or criticism from the world and most importantly, myself.  Through this exploration I found out that painting put me in a meditative trance that allowed me to clear my mind without distractions (something I often have trouble doing).  This is just one of the activities that I enjoyed doing without putting any expectations on myself about how fast I should be progressing.  Some of the things that I created could be profitable, others…not so much. What I loved the most was that there was no pressure to make the “not so much” items profitable.  

Express Yourself Creatively Without Expectations

You will burn yourself out if you try to put a price tag on all of your artistic expression.  Not everything you produce it meant to sell.  The truth is that not everyone is going to want to buy your “creative expression”, and that’s okay.  Your entire creative ability is not meant for everyone.  Some of it is just meant for you to see and enjoy in the comfort of your own space.  Just because you found something that you’re good at, doesn’t mean to need to find a way to sell it.  You don’t want to lose that excitement you had when the idea simply popped into your head.

I don’t want you to believe that the things that you can create can’t be profitable.  Everything you create can be profitable as long as you have a plan.  But we don’t create to overwhelm ourselves with work, no matter how passionate we are.  We create to express ourselves in a way that goes beyond words (unless your a writer, of course), in the hopes that someone out there will relate.  

Try to just create for the hell of it.  Is it an unfamiliar feeling? Is it difficult to continue the process? Are you pressuring yourself on how perfect or no perfect your creation is?  What does this new space feel like to you? Subscribe and comment below…

Please, Just Stop with the self sabotage

Mind Boggling

I know the title sounds like I’m begging you just a bit, but bitch I am!  In fact I’m more begging myself, because it would suck if I didn’t practice what I preached. You ever feel like you’re learning the same lessons over and over again?  You ever feel like bad shit just keeps happening to you? The world is against you?  Think everyone is out to get you?  Sounds like a familiar feeling to me!  I almost forgot about how everyone is to blame for your downfall except yourself!  That’s a big one!  All of these not so mind boggling questions have a common theme, and that my friend is called self-sabotage.  You are most definitely not the only person who feels this way, but somehow you have tricked your mind into thinking that.  Allow me to bring you back to your self sabotaging reality.  Some of you might not relate to all of those questions 100% word for word, but even if you feel the slightest hint of one of them, you fall into the self sabotaging category.  Welcome : )

Acknowledgment is the First Step

To me you never really know if you’re self sabotaging yourself unless someone calls you out on it, and then suddenly its like you were awakened from your self-sabotage trance out of nowhere.  Well allow me to awaken you!  However, if you feel like you’ve just been awakened and all this self-sabotage has just started in your life, I’m going to have to wake you up again to tell you that you’ve actually been doing this for a long time.  Self sabotage builds, it doesn’t just happen all at once.  You’ve been doing it for a while my love.  But the first step is acknowledgment, so I’m proud of you already.


However, if you’ve done nothing about it because you don’t think it’s that serious then I take my admiration back.  Self-sabotaging is more serious than it sounds, no matter what part of your life it relates too.  I feel like if we think that if most of our life is going well we can push our self-sabotaging to the side because we think it doesn’t really matter.  Well chile, try again.  

Don’t you want to break the cycle of bad shit happening to you because it’s probably your fault? Or are you still in denial???  Take it from me, the universe is trying into teach you lessons that you keep ignoring.  So you’re just going to keep ending up in the same situations over and over again until you realize that it’s not just a coincidence anymore.  So how about we stop the self-sabotage and start the self-care, the self-regard, and the self-respect.  Self care is not always going to be a hot bath with some candles and blunt after a long day.  It can be exhausting, but worth it.  Although, this is only going to work if you have to believe that you’re worth it, or else all of this will go to shit.  

Pay Attention to Your Habits

This is not a “how to” stop self-sabotaging article, this is a WAKE TF UP AND START REALIZING YOU SELF- SABOTAGING TENDENCIES article.  I can’t tell you how to stop self-sabotaging and anyone else who says they can are liars.  I say this because we all self-sabotage in different ways and we all have to stop ourselves in different ways.  I’m also not here to give you an easy way out because there is no easy way out of self-sabotaging.  I’m here to be honest with you because I don’t want you to get stuck in this cycle of wondering why all this shit is happening to you.  It starts with you and it ends with you.

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Trying Not To Be The “Difficult Friend”

Playing into your insecurities…

What you’re about to witness is a perfect example of someone (as in me) playing into her own insecurities. I’m writing for you to know that giving your insecurities time and space in your mind will have you feeling like the rant below. DON’T DO IT. The negative aspects that only you can see within yourself will eat you alive, and this is an example of exactly. Everything you’re about to read in the next three paragraphs are complete bullshit and lies that my mind tells me. So if you find yourself in this mini rant remember that is not or me, instead its negative inner thoughts that we have about ourselves.

I’m Ranting Today.

Hello Cunts!  This post will be a mini rant so buckle up…I am quite tired of my friends as of late, and it’s because of how inconsiderate they have been.  Maybe you can relate?  You ever have a friend that just doesn’t see how situations might be harder for you to deal with than for them to deal with?  Or a friend that can’t see things from your perspective.  My least favorite is the friend that doesn’t see how the situation they put you in, puts you in a bad position until it’s too late and then they say “oh but now I feel bad”.  I HATE an “oh I feel bad” ass bitch.  Because the reality is that you don’t really “feel bad”, you’re just saying that as collateral for the fucked up situation that you put me in.  You don’t really “feel bad” because if you did you wouldn’t have put me in this uncomfortable situation in the first place!  I don’t think I need to give you an example of what these uncomfortable situations might feel like, use your imagination. 

Don’t Be That Friend.

But of course I can blame myself as much as I can blame my friends, because the truth is I allowed them to put me in the uncomfortable situation.  I could have just have said “NO” to the uncomfortable situation that they were trying to put me in, but I didn’t want to be the “difficult friend”. You know what I’m talking about right?  The difficult friend is the person in your friend group who always has a problem with something, no matter what the situation is. They don’t like the energy of literally EVERYONE at the party, they’re a bit uppity, it’s hard for them to just go with the flow, most of all they are worst person to turn to when something doesn’t go according to plan because they’re waiting to say “I told you so” with a smirk to match with it.  You get the gist.  This is the person I’m trying not to be.   But to be honest as I’m typing out those examples of what a “difficult friend” is, I see parts myself in some of them (don’t you worry I’m working on it).


Do Better…

However, just because I’m trying my best not to be the “difficult friend”, doesn’t mean that my friends have the right to put me in situations that force me to be the “difficult friend”.  Can we just agree that putting me in a situation that sets me up to be the “difficult friend”, is not smart for anyone?  Trust me when I say that I don’t want to be the “difficult friend”, so please don’t force me to be one.  Also, think twice about the different situations you put yours friends in, it’s about both of you, not just you.  

See what I mean?

That rant that I just wrote was once again, not me but my negative inner thoughts I have about myself.  Those examples I wrote about a “difficult friend” do not describe me or you at all.  If you can relate to the rant or thought of a similar one, reevaluate your thoughts.  Ask yourself “is this me or my insecurities”?  It isn’t fair to yourself or the people around you for think this way.  There’s no need for you to keep fighting with yourself over things that aren’t true.  This post was an example of you need to stop doing.    


My Quest Is Not Yours, So Find Your Own

Hello lovely people.  If you are thriving in life right now, and living it up to the fullest, please STOP trying to push your journey on others ( I promise we’re not trying to shit on your parade). Additionally, if you’re working hard to try to live your life to the fullest, STOP trying to follow the pathway of other people (you’re not going to get anywhere). These two factors are the reasons why some of us resent others, and don’t get anywhere in life.  It also might be the reason why you think everyone hates you.

If you’re thriving…..

We are so happy that you are thriving and living your best life!  Seriously, we are ( no shade we promise)!  We’re  ecstatic that you’ve “figured it out” (even though there’s no big secret to success).  Maybe you haven’t “figured it out” yet.  Maybe you’re just one step closer to where you want to be in life. 

Please remember that whatever it is you did to take that next step in your life, YOU did it.  You should be proud of yourself, we know we are! But remember that was the step you needed to take, and that step won’t work for everyone.  Everyone is trying to be successful, but not everyone will have the same pathway to success. 

In fact, NO ONE will have the same pathway to success, because success is subjective.  Meaning that it depends on what someone deems as successful!  Your idea of success isn’t going to be the exact replica as someone else’s, regardless of if you want the same things in life. 

So please STOP pushing your narrative on others.  Especially, people who haven’t taken that step yet.  By all means give them some tips!  But be careful  not to push your whole life story on people, its unwanted, unnecessary, and unhelpful, because they are not you.  Keep thriving though, we love to see it!

If you’re not quite there yet….

Be inspired by people who are thriving, don’t get discouraged.  Remember that you are better than no one, and no one is better than you.  Look at other peoples experiences as a precursor for what’s about to come for you. 

Also, everyone has different experiences so view these experiences as options.  Pick and chose things that you want for yourself based on the experiences of others.  There is no reason for you to be put down by the success of others simply because you already know that success is in the works for you, it’s just a matter of when.

Also, just be genuinely happy for people and their success.  The people in your life should be able to come to you with any good news, and you should be happy for them. Its’ really that simple, no shade needs to be involved.  Show that you are happy for where others are in their life right now, even if you’re not “there”yet.  Its okay not to be “there”.  What is even “there”, because as soon as you get “there” you’re going to want to be somewhere else.  And thats a good thing because you are ambitious bitch!