Category: My Catastrophes

My Catastrophe With Labels

Lately, I’ve realized that I let myself be labeled and categorized by others for what feels like my entire life.  Some things that aren’t included in the description of my label is being vulnerable and open with my emotions.  Due to this, it feels like it’s almost impossible to let people in on how I […]

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My CATASTROPHE With Pressure

The fact that I’m feeling under pressure to write a blog post about pressure is pretty telling of this Catastrophe.  I want to write about this because I think we can all relate to the pressure we force onto ourselves and the pressure that society shoves down our throats.  Before this quarantine I realized that […]

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My Catastrophe with Bantu Knots.

Bitch Are You Dumb? Yesterday, after my friend and I had performed at a show, she asked me to go inside a gas station to grab a bottle of wine so that we could celebrate the performance.  I immediately rolled my eyes and said “ughhh, you want people to see me see me”, to which […]

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