Checking In, November’s Intent: GRATITUDE

Hellur lur, we’re checking in on how you’re doing with this months intent!  The month has gotten busy almost as fast as it has gotten cold outside! It feels like you have so much to do before the new year comes, but no time to do it.  It’s when we’re extremely busy in times like this when we forget to practice gratitude, and feel the benefits of it.  So let us help you out!

Some tips…

  • When you wake up in the morning, don’t check your phone! First, tell yourself 5 things that you’re grateful for, before the day even starts.  Then you can check all of the pointless notifications that your phone sends you.
  • Throughout the day remember to check in with your self at least once.  We go through the motions of our day so quickly.  It’s one thing after the next, and before you know it the day is finished, and the only thing that we can remember feeling, is tired.  Checking in with how we’re feeling in the middle day centers us.  We start to realize things are happening around us and the world isn’t always on “GO”, only we are.
  • Tell people that you are grateful for them!  From our article, “You Need A Social Life, So Stop Acting Like You Don’t”,  you know you need people. Periodt.  But in order to keep those people around you, show them that you’re appreciative of them!  Recognize the fact that people are there for you, and show that it’s not going unnoticed.

COMMENT! Let us know how keeping up with being grateful is for you? Is it hard to implement in your daily routine? Do you feel like it will change who you are or your personality? LET US KNOW!

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