December Intent: Patience

We made it to the last month of the year! Whew…who knew that we would even make it this far?  It feels like this month was so far away from where we once were.  Let’s be honest, this year took us for a ride that we weren’t prepared for.  Whatever this year had in store for you, it took strength and resilience for you to bear through it, and for that we applaud you. The biggest reason we were all able to make it through this year is because of the amount of patience we’ve had with ourselves.  Because of the amount of people that “try me” on a daily basis, I’d like to say my patience is quite thin (and it doesn’t take a lot to wear it down).  But the truth is that this whole year “tried me”, so I guess I have a lot more patience than I thought. SO DO YOU!  That being said, whether or not you believe you have a sufficient amount of patience, you’ve had enough of it to make it through the year.  So obviously this month’s intent is….


Having the ability to tolerate all the bullshit this world throws at you without losing your shit.

To me, patience depends on the situation and the person.  The way we navigate a situation in the world is through patience, and whether or not we have enough of it.  Not having enough patience leads us to respond and lash out in ways we wouldn’t normally do, and it’s all because  someone or something wore us down too far.  This happens to all of us, and in the moment it always seems like a bigger deal than it actually is.  But in the moment you lose yourself and you’re brought out of character, so in turn you start to act out of character.   However, people and things are not to blame for you acting out of character.  You are.  You decide whether something will make you react in a certain way or not. Having enough patience with yourself and with the thing thats “trying you” will help you decide.

Patience is not a waiting game, get that old and tired stigma out of your head.  You can fuck up a lot of shit for yourself by associating patience with waiting. You are not waiting for good shit to come to you.  Instead, you are manifesting it by all the hard work you’ve been doing.  It’s very easy for you to run out of patience when you feel like you’re doing all that you can possibly do to get ahead in the world.  For me this is where my patience lacks the most, because it feels like I’ve done my part!  I’ve drank my water, minded my business, and worked my ass off.  So when is the universe going to grant me what I deserve?  I’m not trying to be entitle, I’m trying to show you that I’ve done my work so where my reward? We are taught that with hard work and patience, there will be reward.  Well, where the fuck is it?!

I believe that it is a matter of timing and reassurance. When we know that what we’re putting out into the world is authentic and true, we know we deserve to be accredited  and recognized for it.  What we don’t know is that the world may not be ready for it yet just yet.  What is for you, is already yours.  We need to reassure ourselves constantly that what we’re doing with our lives is something that we actually want to be doing.  Timing and reassurance is what gives you enough patience to navigate the world.  Stop thinking about whether or not your going to get the things you want in life, because you will, its only a matter of when.

Tell us how you plan to practice patience!

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