January’s Intention: Accountability

It is finally 2020, the start of a new year and decade! It feels like so many things can happen, and absolutely nothing can happen at the same time. I feel like I’m at this weird “in between” state of being (but then again I always feel like this when the new year rolls in).  Last month’s intention was “Patience” and it taught me a lot more than I was willing to learn tbh.  It taught me that I am responsible for how much of my patience I want to use on people.  Patience is not something that is infinite, and the amount that I have is especially limited.  Don’t judge me, I’m working on it.   It is my responsibility to decide how patient I will be in different situations that pop up in my life.  But it is also my responsibility to just say ENOUGH. I can only be oh so calm before I start acting out of character (and no one wants to see that). But enough rah rah about last months intention, we are in a new month, a new year, and a new decade.  This month’s intention is…


Being responsible for all the bullshit you choose to do, and living with the consequences of it

Damn that’s Harsh!

I know this definition might sound a bit negative, but it’s all about perspective honey.  Holding yourself accountable for the choices that you make will really teach you a lot about yourself.  It will teach you about both, your positive and negative tendencies.  But most of all it will have you in your bag.  For those of you who aren’t hip to the lingo being “in your bag” basically means being in your feelings or being real with yourself.  It’s about damn time that we’ve gotten to this point, don’t you agree?

Okay, this is a bit much.

Holding yourself accountable for your choices can feel overwhelming.  But I want us to remember that holding yourself accountable does not mean that we are responsible for all of the things that happen to us, or the way that others react to us.  We are simply responsible for the actions that we take and the consequences that result from it.  This does not mean you get to start overthinking every choice you’ve made.  It simply means that the choices that you made were your choices and no one else’s.  However, for some reason as society we LOVE to play the blame game.

It’s Not My Fault!

When we eventually realize that the choices that we made weren’t the best, we tend to blame the negative things that result from it on others.  This is where we are fucking up as a society!  It’s okay to be wrong cunts! In fact, others will respect you more if you can admit where you went wrong.  But in order to admit such things you need to let go of that pride, and be okay with being humiliated.  We all need to get more comfortable with being embarrassed!  Being prideful is the sole cause of so many catastrophes that take place.

But Wait, Theres More…

In order for people to want to hold themselves accountable, we as a society need to make a safe space for them.  You can’t just start attacking others because you know that they’re wrong, it will cause them to get defensive.  When people get defensive they can never see where they went wrong in the first place (I’m speaking from experience).  We need to make it easier for people to hold themselves accountable.  No one should be scared to admit that they’re wrong because no one is right all of the time.  We need to be teachable. But in order to be teachable, people need to want to be taught.  Let’s keep an open mind and allow people to hold themselves accountable before we start attack them. 

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