July’s Intention: Being Grounded

Currently, it feels like the world is being pulled in many different directions. Calamities are now normalized, and the weight of them have become overbearing .  I find myself getting used to bloodshed because that has become our new normal, and I hate it here.  The space that we’re living in has my spirit feeling stressed and uninspired, due to the many directions my mind and energy are being pulled.  This month’s intention is about being


Being grounded is something that we should all constantly strive to be.  However, it’s something that we often forget we have to work towards.   Feeling grounded does not happen because we want it to, we have to work towards it the same way we have to work towards all the things we want in life.  Staying grounded should be on the top of the list of things that you are prioritizing because it contributes to your peace of mind.  Often times, our peace of mind can be left on the back burner as a result of the many things that we are trying to balance in our life.  If we’re not careful, that connection that kept us grounded can be broken and we can start to feel lost.  

Pay Attention

Let’s dedicate this month to being and staying grounded.  You might unknowingly be doing things that contribute to being rooted in the space that you’re in.  You also might be doing things that add to the chaos of being pulled in different directions.  The point is to pay attention.  What are the wellness activities that actually contribute to a better you?  This is completely subjective to you, but it still needs to be healthy for you.  You indulging in bad habits because they feel good are not going to contribute to your peace of mind.  This is where the hard work comes in.  You have to filter out the bad behaviors that are contributing to the chaos.

There Has to be a Balance

The feeling of being grounded to me means that there is a balance between how still and active I’m being. There has to be a balance, if too much energy goes in either direction I feel like I am drifting away.  To help with this I practice behaviors and activities that make me connected to the earth, people, and energy around me.  These activities vary from person to person because wellness is subjective. One of my favorite things to do that keep me grounded is spending as much time as possible in nature.  It’s a bit ironic because I’m scared of bugs, but it’s still one of my favorite places to be.  Something about being outside makes me feel safe and alive. What are the things that make you feel like that? 

Keep it Consistent

If sitting in nature is not for you, or your environment doesn’t allow you to do something like that then do activities that work for you.  Some activities that I do are yoga, listening to music (you can get my playlist here), meditate and journal, masturbate, try my best not to kill my plants and drink a shit ton of tea (but you probably knew that already).  My wellness activities don’t have to be yours, what do you enjoy doing that makes you feel centered?  Whatever they are, you need to fight to keep them consistent in your life.  They have more of an influence over you than you know. 

P.S. I was featured in Feedspot’s Top Black Millennial Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020!!! I’m grateful to know that my hard work is being recognized <3

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