March’s Intention: Reassurance

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It’s not surprising that February came and went as quickly as it did, but being unapologetic is something that we all should be doing every day. The amount of strength and resilience it takes to live in your truth is immeasurable.  As we slide into this month it would do you well never to forget that.  This month has more days than the last, so I think it’s okay not to dive in head first, it might get a little over whelming.  This Month’s Intention is…


– Removing ones doubts and fear

When I say reassurance, I’m not talking about from others.  I say this because the truth is you can’t always rely on the people around you to reassure you.  You need to reassure yourself, and this is called self-reassurance my friends.  We will all doubt ourselves from time to time, but what are the ways we combat this?  The fact of the matter is that we don’t always have the time to wallow in our self-doubt and low self esteem, so finding ways to reassure in a way where we actually believe what were telling ourselves is key

  1. Whenever you start to doubt yourself when it comes to your career, look into the people who have already made it in your field or a field similar to yours.  When were working hard is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But when we see examples of people who look like us and are accomplishing the goals we want to accomplish, we know its possible for us.  If you’re the first person doing what you’re doing and can’t find many examples of other peoples success in your field, look into the successful stories with people who were the first too.  All things start somewhere, and the person behind it was just like you.
  1. Constantly tell yourself that you can only do your best and nobody else’s.  Through social media we see a sped up version of everyone’s success stories with out their struggle.    No one is transparent so it’s important to know that you’re only seeing the good parts.  Also, everyone’s circumstances are different.  Some of us have more connections than others.  So don’t hold it against yourself when you’re not where you want to be right now.  You are only doing the best that you can do, and your time time will come.
  1. Remember that reassuring yourself is something that you have to work towards.  It’s hard to convince yourself that you’re the shit, when you genuinely don’t believe it. So take your time, because there’s levels to this shit.  The hard part is getting yourself to believe your positive attributes more than the negative ones.  You are enough and you are worth it, there is nothing more too it.  SAY THAT AGAIN.

The goal is to never get pass the point where reassuring ourselves is no longer possible, because we simply don’t believe in ourselves.  Once we get to this point it’s hard to convince ourselves otherwise. Another thing to note is that this month’s intention is about self reassurance, not finding reassurance in others.  You can’t always rely on the people around you to lift your spirits.  They might have their own shit going on, or they just might not be the right person to do it.  You are not always going to have someone around to make you feel better about your self, and associating a person with giving you confidence and praise is unhealthy if you can’t do it your self.  So use these steps to help you reassure yourself, and let me know how it goes!

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5 thoughts on “March’s Intention: Reassurance”

  1. You wont be able to reassure yourself before you have a journal where you document all of the compliments you get, the achievements that you make and your points of strength.

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