My Juneteenth Celebration | Making Cornbread

What is Juneteenth?

For those of you who might not know, Juneteenth is a yearly celebration of when slaves were made aware that they had been freed.  This happened on June 19,1865.  However, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863, this was the document that technically freed slaves.  Unfortunately, no one informed them that they were freed until 2 YEARS later…  This is relevant today because it shows that when it comes to justice for Black People in America, there is always a delay.

Growing up in a West Indian household never allowed me to really understand what Juneteenth was.  In fact, I never new it was even a thing until my second year of college.  This delayed notice had me feeling like I was missing out on so many things when it came to the history of black people.  Now that I have educated myself I celebrate it every year by cooking, because I love to eat.  This year I plan on cooking southern homemade Cornbread!! I love food so I’m always excited to cook.  But I really love bread so this just makes me extra excited.

History of Cornbread

So lets give a quick history lesson of how and why cornbread came about.  When slaves were forcibly put on American shores they socialized with the Native Americans (who were the corn masters).  Cornmeal was crucial in order to survive.  Cornbread was first prepared by black people who needed to find a way to feed themselves, and then later it was used to feed the ones they served.  Now cornbread is thought of as a southern culinary tradition, but many of the things that have made it special have been lost over time through appropriation.  

I Followed Two Recipes Because I’m Extra

When I was searching for the recipe I obviously wanted to reference a black food blogger.  To my disappointment I only found two recipes that were created by black people (black women to be specific) through my google search.  Why is that you say? Why was it so hard to find a meal originally created by black people on the internet?  Many times people will follow a version that has been appropriated rather than the original. However, this is Juneteenth and I would be remiss if I didn’t celebrate it accordingly.  I combined Brandi’s and Jocelyn’s recipe because I’m extra, and it worked out great!

Here’s How It Turned Out!

`After combining both recipes in my own little way and hoping for the best, this is what they turned out like. Full video of how I made the cornbread is on my IG! @letsget.intoit

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