Persevering Through Hair DISCRIMINATION

Hair Discrimination

Endless Natural Haircare Struggles…

I could talk about natural hair for so long they still wouldn’t have passed the CROWN Act. in every state.  I don’t want to overload you with the endless natural haircare struggles.  As I’m writing this, I’m realizing how crazy it is that every black girl with hair coming out of their head can relate to some type of struggle with their hair.  In a way persevering through our hair care journey keeps us connected. Something I wish we all weren’t able to relate to is the discrimination of our natural hair.  If you feel confused or can’t relate, and you’re wondering what’s the big deal about a bad hair day. Know, that there are levels to this shit, so just read.

Hair Discrimination

Having to Persevere TWICE

I’m not going to get into the transitioning struggles of natural hair.  Just know that every time we do a protective style while transitioning there’s a 60/40 chance that it will not work out and our day will be ruined.  In this post I wanted to shed light on the fact that persevering through transitioning to natural hair simply isn’t enough.  After you’ve made it to the finish line you basically have to start all over again and persevere through the many obstacles that society will put in your way because they refuse to accept your hair.  

Hair Discrimination

There are many different situations where black women can face hair discrimination.  Black women often hear negative comments about their hair when they wear it natural.  When people see something that goes beyond their imagination they become either curious, offensive, or both.  Black women, then are often expected to do things that would better fit how society wants them to be. On the other hand, if we refuse to adhere to how society wants us, we are forced to over explain why we look the way we do. We can’t win! 😩

Workplace Struggles…

In the workplace, working through negative comments about your hair takes a certain type of patience. You’re not in a social setting where you can speak whatever comes to mind, so you have to be extra careful with your words.  You can curse them out in your head, but in the physical world I’m sure you would much rather like to keep your job. Remind whoever had the audacity to try you at work that all hair textures are different.  What might be acceptable or neat to them will look differently on your hair texture.  Then walk away sis, you shouldn’t need to go through this situation in the first place 😭I know this might not have been the answer you were hoping for but I promise it works, and the best part is you can still keep your job!


Have you ever been rejected because that person didn’t like the way your hair looked?  I have 🙋🏾, and it stung at the time to know that the person didn’t like me due to my thick and curly, hair. At the end of the day I knew that I was a baddie💁🏾.  This situation opened my eyes up to how black women are constantly treated differently depending how their hair looks.  Isn’t that tragic?  I’ve seen it and experienced every time I switch up my hair.  From experiencing this, I learned to be specific about who I let in my presence.  

The Crown Act.

Black women are discriminated against because of their natural hair so much that they had to conjure up a whole entire law to protect themselves. The CROWN Act was created in 2019 to protect people against discrimination against hairstyles that are race-based.  The fact that we had to create a law, shows how prevalent this issue is.  Unfortunately, this law was passed in only 7 states, by clicking HERE you can sign the petition to help pass this law in your state. 

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