Retail Therapy on a Budget, or Thirft Shopping!

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Girl, I’ve been waiting a while to write a short little piece about thrifting.  It is my LIFE.  I don’t understand how more people don’t thrift shop.  Especially, my college students out there.  If you are on a budget or money is tight but you still want to express yourself to the fullest through fashion, thrifting is right for you!  You will literally never go out of style because the clothes are timeless.  If you’re not a vintage type of person there are still clothes for you!  Most of the fears I’ve heard from people who are afraid to thrift is that the stores are dirty and they don’t want to be seen wearing other people clothes.  First, please get over yourself, this is why you have a washer and dryer.  Wear a mask, put on some gloves, and get to work.  Additionally, we’re in the business of keeping SUSTAINABLE CLOTHES.  None of that fast fashion shit.  We are trying to save the planet, not kill it with clothes that will go out of style in 2 months.  Try your local thrift store, they’re probably open. Don’t forget to wear a mask! Please send me your thrifted fits I want to repost them on my page and website!

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