September’s Intention: To Nurture

Summer came and went, and I would like a redo because what was that???  Never the less, I am grateful for the time I spent with myself quarantining.  As much as I hated quarantining at first (and still do), the new discoveries that I made about myself would have never happened. I’ve gone through the process of getting to know myself on a deeper level (which is scarier than it sounds).  I found that I was lacking the ability to nurture myself, can you relate? This month’s intention is to 


To care for and encourage the growth or development of 

Usually, when we hear the word “nurture”, it’s used as a character trait that society has made mandatory for women to have.  To nurture, is not a quality that comes automatically to all of us.  The way society looks down on us if we don’t have the nurture gene right away is tragic.  Believing that you are worth nurturing is the first step.  Once you believe this, the relationship that you form with yourself has a deeper level of intimacy to it.  Often times, our selflessness allows us to forget that we deserve to be cared for and encouraged as well.  

Where Do I Start?

The word “nurture” has so much depth to it that I don’t think we’ve grasped the true concept of what it means to nurture yourself.  It isn’t just another way of saying self-care.  Instead, think of how much love and affection you wanted and needed as a child.  That amount of affection is what you need to provide for yourself now. To care for and encourage ourselves in such an unconditional way is telling of how deep our love runs.  Sometimes the concept of self-nurturing gets so overwhelming, it becomes difficult to know where to start.

You’ve Come So Far

Nurturing yourself is more than just pushing yourself to be great and to do great things.  It’s about being there for yourself and saying “although you aren’t where you want to be yet, you’ve come so far”.  However if you’re going to get this far, you actually have to LISTEN.  You might have the horrible habit of ignoring the emotions you feel for the more “pressing” or the more“important” things in your life.  You are the most important thing in your life.  If you’re energy isn’t okay, the energy that you put into doing anything won’t be genuine. While it’s easy to understand the concept, applying it proves challenging.

Nurturing is a Continuous Process

Too often we treat ourselves harshly in the hopes that it will push us to be better.  We forget that there is an inner child in all of us that needs to be nurtured and loved everyday.  This is a process that we will constantly have to go through.  For humans, the need for attention and love is constant, and this means that nurturing yourself has to be continuous.  I can’t wait to dive into this with you this month✨

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