Treat Yo’ Self

Yassss Girl!  When I first had the idea to write this post I was anxious!  I felt like I was going to be judged for wanting nice things for myself even though I haven’t reached all of my goals yet. Then I realized that this is what we’re conditioned to think. We’re raised to believe that we don’t deserve nice things unless we’ve reached the peak of our goals, and are financially stable enough to do so.  Before then, it’s struggle, struggle, struggle, and struggle so more.  How are you going to learn how to love or be loved if you don’t treat yourself?  

Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

There are 5 love languages, choose the ones that speak to you.  The ones that you didn’t get to experience in the past might be best to try out on yourself first.  Treat yourself like someone you love, because you are someone you love.  The way you treat yourself is the way you allow others to treat you.  You deserve to feel and be loved, but you need to be able to communicate how you want to be loved first.  The only way to do that is to treat yourself the way you know you want to be treated.

Stop and Smell the Lavender

Society has us believing that we can’t succeed unless we struggle without happiness.  This is purely idiotic and detrimental to us all. You’re allowed to treat yourself to something nice while you’re persevering through life. If you’re anything like me you are way to busy with succeeding to remember that you can breathe and smell the lavender (I like the smell of lavender better than roses)  along the way.  If you can’t think of the last time you treated yourself, that’s a problem.  Just going through the motions of life and not enjoying it until society makes you feel like you deserve to enjoy it, is not living.  It’s limiting.

Create Your Own Definition

Also, there isn’t a universal way on how to treat yourself.  The notion “treat yourself” can mean something different to all of us.  It doesn’t have to be about spoiling yourself with riches (or it can be if you can afford it).  Going out of your way to do something nice for yourself because you deserve to be loved is my definition of treating yourself.   Don’t let social media dictate the way you treat yourself.  Just because it isn’t an IG worthy pic doesn’t mean it didn’t do the job.  

Head Over to my IG for more Tips

On my IG story this week I gave some tips on how to think of ways to treat yourself! Don’t worry I’ll add the video to my IGTV series labeled “Words of Wisdom ??”. This video will give you a better idea of how easy it can be to come up with ways to treat yourself.  

This week’s Tea With Me ?✨  episode was about how you need to be able to treat yourself in ways that fits your lifestyle! 

4 thoughts on “Treat Yo’ Self”

  1. This is one of those posts I need to revisit from time to time as a reminder. This was such a great read for how encouraging it was.

    1. Kendall Alexander

      Thank you girl! We become so busy with succeeding that we forget along the way that we deserve robe treated adjust feel good!

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