Vision Board Party

Over the past weekend Let’s Get Into It hosted our very 1st annual Vision Board Party!!!    The preparation for it was super easy and cost efficient because your girl is on a BUDGET!!!  This party was a promotional event for the blog, but I wanted to help those closest to me manifest the things they wanted to accomplish in the next year or two.  It was super successful!

Here are some pictures from the event!

Making vision boards can be a bit nerve racking because its hard to know where to start and end.  I made sure to tell my guests that they need to set goals that they plan on accomplishing in the next year or two ( not your dream house next to beach).  I’m a realist, and the point of the party was to help you write out goals in your own creative way.  Then when your job was to put it up somewhere, where you would see it often and be reminded of your goals.  I had appetizers and what seemed like endless wine, until it ran out.  So if you have any questions or concerns on making your very own vision board, here are some ideas to help you out! Also don’t forget to subscribe!!!

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