Wipe The Dust Off That Journal!


This week were talking about how journaling is a very necessary source of self-care.  I think by now we all know the many benefits of journaling, but I’ll give you a refresher anyway:

Manages your anxiety

Reduces stress

Helps declutter your mind

Boost your mood

Enhance your sense of well-being


The greatest benefit that comes from journaling in my personal opinion is the release I feel when I’m finished.  My mind is constantly racing with thoughts, and the only time it feels like I can slow down and breathe is when I sleep.  This isn’t fair to my mental and emotional health. Our thoughts need to organized, and the best way to do that is by journaling!! 

Feel Seen Through Journaling

Journaling also helps us to feel heard.  We hold a lot of tension in our body because we can’t find an outlet to release and feel seen.  Journaling can be that outlet!  The sense of relief I feel after journaling is unmatched.  My mind is clearer and I am able to face obstacles in my day more efficiently because my thoughts are organized.

Deal with the Discomfort

Journaling is one of those things that pertains to self-care not only being about face masks and bubble baths.  It can be uncomfortable to be alone with our thoughts, but it’s a necessary discomfort.  Journaling allows you to deeply reflect on yourself  because all of your thoughts are written out and staring back at you.  It’s up to you to put in the work and adjust what needs adjusting. 

Things I’ve Learned

One of the challenges I face when it comes to journaling is finding the time to do it!  In the morning when I wake up my mind isn’t always racing with thoughts to write down.  Additionally, in the  evening I’m too tired to even put a pen to the paper.  The two things I learned from facing this challenge was that:

A. Journaling isn’t only about writing down the thoughts that are going through your mind.  How you’re feeling is worth writing about!  If there’s anything that will care about feelings, it’s your journal girl!  I realize that your feeling might be a bit hard to write about off rip, so I am going to provide some journaling prompts to help you along the way.

B. I’m human just like you, and I still struggle with finding time in the day to journal consistently.  Every time I write in my journal it’s purposeful, I’ve never just journaled on a whim.  In other words you must make the effort!

Some Journaling Prompts To Help

Today I’m Feeling Like The Color….

I’m Grateful For….

Some of the Challenges I’ve Faced Lately Have Me Feeling…

Today I’m Manifesting…

Hopefully these help!  Feel free to tell me some of your favorite writing prompts in the comments!    Also, let me know how these prompts work for you, I love feedback!  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!

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