My Quest Is Not Yours, So Find Your Own

Hello lovely people.  If you are thriving in life right now, and living it up to the fullest, please STOP trying to push your journey on others ( I promise we’re not trying to shit on your parade). Additionally, if you’re working hard to try to live your life to the fullest, STOP trying to follow the pathway of other people (you’re not going to get anywhere). These two factors are the reasons why some of us resent others, and don’t get anywhere in life.  It also might be the reason why you think everyone hates you.

If you’re thriving…..

We are so happy that you are thriving and living your best life!  Seriously, we are ( no shade we promise)!  We’re  ecstatic that you’ve “figured it out” (even though there’s no big secret to success).  Maybe you haven’t “figured it out” yet.  Maybe you’re just one step closer to where you want to be in life. 

Please remember that whatever it is you did to take that next step in your life, YOU did it.  You should be proud of yourself, we know we are! But remember that was the step you needed to take, and that step won’t work for everyone.  Everyone is trying to be successful, but not everyone will have the same pathway to success. 

In fact, NO ONE will have the same pathway to success, because success is subjective.  Meaning that it depends on what someone deems as successful!  Your idea of success isn’t going to be the exact replica as someone else’s, regardless of if you want the same things in life. 

So please STOP pushing your narrative on others.  Especially, people who haven’t taken that step yet.  By all means give them some tips!  But be careful  not to push your whole life story on people, its unwanted, unnecessary, and unhelpful, because they are not you.  Keep thriving though, we love to see it!

If you’re not quite there yet….

Be inspired by people who are thriving, don’t get discouraged.  Remember that you are better than no one, and no one is better than you.  Look at other peoples experiences as a precursor for what’s about to come for you. 

Also, everyone has different experiences so view these experiences as options.  Pick and chose things that you want for yourself based on the experiences of others.  There is no reason for you to be put down by the success of others simply because you already know that success is in the works for you, it’s just a matter of when.

Also, just be genuinely happy for people and their success.  The people in your life should be able to come to you with any good news, and you should be happy for them. Its’ really that simple, no shade needs to be involved.  Show that you are happy for where others are in their life right now, even if you’re not “there”yet.  Its okay not to be “there”.  What is even “there”, because as soon as you get “there” you’re going to want to be somewhere else.  And thats a good thing because you are ambitious bitch!

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